The official start of the 2019 "F1600 Southern Series" was kicked off on Saturday, May 4th. Daytona was the place to be as the drivers chased each other around the prestigious 3.56 miles of pavement.

John Robinson II driving his "Cricket Farm Motors/Lee Racing Swift DB6" earned pole position with a time of 2:07.9, followed by Jim Morgan, Rick Bernard and John Schimenti in his new 2014 Spectrum Honda.

As the green flag waved for the first race an ambitious field of contenders battled it out through turn 1 with John Robinson pacing the field. Sixth place qualifier Roel Blok would unfortunately end his race early with suspension damage to his "Van Diemen Ford".

Jim Morgan and Rick Bernard had a race-long fight for second which had them trading positions nearly almost every lap, Morgan would later go on to finish .168 seconds ahead of Rick. Trailing them was John Schimenti in 4th with Anna Schimenti and Dom Seddio dueling it out for a top 5 finish.

Roel Blok and his crew Alan Opel repaired his "Van Diemen" in time for Sunday's race.

Once again John Robinson led the field throughout the first lap, unfortunately, he would pit early with a broken carburetor float. Rick Bernard inherited the lead in his "Bernard & Associates Swift Honda", closely followed by Jim Morgan. For 30 minutes these two fought hard for gold, Morgan made a last-lap move to win the race by .236 seconds. Anna Schimenti in her "Schimenti Construction Swift Ford" had a very consistent race and was able to finish 3rd on the podium.

Series organizer James Lee remarked that "it was a fabulous start to the season with close racing throughout the field, we are looking forward to seeing more drivers for the rest of the season".

The series is heading to PBIR on May 18th, and will be running in conjunction with the "Southern F2000 Series", we hope to see you there!

Over the last couple of years, the car count of the Formula Ford field has been spread thin due to drivers entering one-off races. Many people in the Formula Ford community saw a need for a local series. James Lee and Brad Baytos decided to fulfill this request and create the "Formula F1600 Southern Series". Both heavily involved in racing for more than 3 decades, they both remember when Formula Ford had fields of over 40 cars.

The goal is to upkeep the growth and fun factor of Formula Ford racing. While the car count is far from its "heyday", there is still plenty of cars in the area. The Series hopes to unite all racers in the local area and maybe even bring some travelers. It doesn't matter if your fast, slow, old, or young; we are stronger in numbers. If we can attain a certain amount of drivers per weekend we will be given our own run group by SCCA (10 drivers for PBIR and Homestead). Quantity of drivers will also increase the number of sponsors we can acquire and essentially the contingencies will be greater.

Quantity = competition

Competition = fun

Fun = improvement

Improvement = quantity

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Racecar drivers are elite athletes, each need to be prepared to deal with the harsh conditions that are experienced during the race. A driver will have to face extreme heat and sore muscles. The heart rate while driving can get up to 180 bpm.

standard meal composition for athletes


You need to start hydrating 2 days before you get in the car. Many drivers try to drink as much Gatorade as they can on race day. The body doesn't work this way and proper nutrition needs to be consumed days before. You should be eating meals full of vitamins, carbs, and proteins at least a week before the race. Sleep is imperative; starting 5 days before the weekend, make sure you get a "full nights rest". I consider a "full nights rest" to be where you wake up without an alarm, your not groggy in the morning and not tired during the day.

At the track make sure to drink lots of water, only 1 bottle of Gatorade should be consumed per day. For snacks, you should be eating nuts, bananas, oranges, berries, apples, and granola. Stay away from Soda and junk food. Try to eat the healthiest breakfast and lunch possible, I personally get food from the supermarket. Once again good rest is the main priority, don't stay out late. Make sure your meals aren't heavy, especially dinner and take multi-vitamin tablets all weekend long. Avoiding the sun and getting sick is another key objective.

30 minutes prior to each session, make sure you are out of the A/C. Your body needs to be warmed up but not overly hot. Coaching through video tends to produce the best results. Focusing on the driver will get you more speed than trying to have the best car. When you are driving you should be comfortable in the cockpit and focused on performing to the best of your abilities. If you aren't doing well, don't pay attention to the results. Figure out what is costing you the most speed and work on that area.