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2019 F1600 Southern Series- End of Season Report

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

It's now October and the F1600 Southern Series has officially ended. Initially our main goal was to help revive the F1600 class and we would like to thank everyone who participated this year.

Jonathan Lee has been crowned champion after winning the most races.

Veteran Jim Morgan used his patience and experience to finish 2nd in the championship.

John Schimenti made an extraordinary comeback and clinched 3rd, beating Rick Bernard by one point!



Primus Racing Parts is providing the following people credit to use towards a purchase:

Jim Morgan $175

Jonathan Lee $125

Rick Bernard $125

John Robinson II $100

John Schimenti $75

Roel Blok $50

Hannu $50

Alan Oppel $25

Anna Schimenti $25

F1600 Southern Series is giving away new tires to the following people:

Roel Blok - 2 tires

Hannu - 1 tire

Alan Oppel - 1 tire

Lee Racing is awarding Anna Schimenti with 1 day of engineering/driver coaching consultation for her tremendous improvement this year.


It was a fun year, we are honored to bring close racing and good company together. We would like to keep supporting the F1600 class in the future and increase participation, next year we will release the schedule and whoever shows up will be rewarded mainly on attendance, meaning there will be no drops. We will also remove fees (the $25) and possibly the contingencies, we are trying to move our efforts to focus more on car count. If anything, the series will be more of a gathering.

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