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F1600 Southern Series - Mid Season Recap

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Over the course of three race weekends, F1600 entrants have put together some of the best racing in the south. Each driver has had their fair share of glory and misfortune, which has scrambled the "points standings" in the following weekends. Currently leading the series in points is John Robinson, John Schimentti and Jim Morgan. On weekends with a larger car count we have seen some of the closet nose-to-tail racing ever; wheels crossed, desperate passes, and photo finishes!

All participants have demonstrated good sportsmanship, effort, and competitiveness. Series organizer James Lee said that "this year has really showed what works and what doesn't, we will be making major changes to better the future of the series and the class. Next year we hope to get more drivers to each weekend by choosing better venues and lowering the number of race weekends. We will be working very hard to try and improve race quality while keeping the price low." As of now, the series has three weekends left and we will finish up the year at Sebring Long Course. There will be no contingencies for Sebring Short Course and the upcoming Homestead race. At the end of the year, a set of brand new tires will be given away by random drawing. Later in the year, we will be sending out a survey to see what changes each driver wants.

Thank you to everyone who has come out,


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