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Weekend Report - Winter Nationals

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

With big teams escaping the winter storms of the north, the Florida facilities of Homestead and Sebring held 2 weeks of competitive racing. The Formula Ford category ended each day with yet another thrilling show. The Lee Racing boys came in with full force as JR2 and Jon was at the front of the field the entire weekend.

Palm Tree Majors

Sherman Chao had a very busy time trying to get his new prototype 2 car sorted, he managed to come from last and take 2nd place in the race. In the F1600 class, Jon and JR2 had a very tight team battle for 1st. JR2 ended up winning and was followed by Zachary Vanier in his "Britain West Motorsport" Mygale. Jon was caught by the following pack of cars and made a mistake when he tried to make a pass on "K-Hill's" red and white Mygale. Veteran driver "Rick Benard" made major improvements and was able to hang onto the very quick "Rice Race Prep" car for the majority of the race.

Hoosier Super Tour

Jon and Sherman was the only Lee Racing driver's to attend Sebring. Sherman used the weekend test his brand new prototype 2 car. Jon was fastest in qualifying, race 1 and race 2. Displaying his skill, he showed the superiority of the Swift chassis and was a second faster than following driver. Jon fought hard with Imsa Dpi driver "Misha Goikhberg" for 3rd. He cleared him with 2 laps to go and caught the lead pack, who was seperated by a 3 second gap. Jon finished the Race in 2nd and was beaten by Canada's Zachary Vanier.

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