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Lee Racing Organizes Formula F1600 Southern Series

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Over the last couple of years, the car count of the Formula Ford field has been spread thin due to drivers entering one-off races. Many people in the Formula Ford community saw a need for a local series. James Lee and Brad Baytos decided to fulfill this request and create the "Formula F1600 Southern Series". Both heavily involved in racing for more than 3 decades, they both remember when Formula Ford had fields of over 40 cars.

The goal is to upkeep the growth and fun factor of Formula Ford racing. While the car count is far from its "heyday", there is still plenty of cars in the area. The Series hopes to unite all racers in the local area and maybe even bring some travelers. It doesn't matter if your fast, slow, old, or young; we are stronger in numbers. If we can attain a certain amount of drivers per weekend we will be given our own run group by SCCA (10 drivers for PBIR and Homestead). Quantity of drivers will also increase the number of sponsors we can acquire and essentially the contingencies will be greater.

Quantity = competition

Competition = fun

Fun = improvement

Improvement = quantity

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