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Sweet & Sour Results

Miami, Fl -

After concluding two weekends on the F1600 circuit, there are many new thoughts and ideas that have been brought into the spotlight, particularly due to the way the season has unfolded.

Barber Motorsports Park: Despite never seeing the track before, a setup that changes every session, no data, no teammates, and a driver who triples as a mechanic and a full-time student, we did a decent job as a group. After putting the 30-year-old chassis on the pole in Qualifying, we went on to win race 1, finish second in race 2, and fight from 7th to 2nd to then spinning off in race 3. At the end of the weekend, we decided that it was best to start an alliance with Rice Race for the remainder of the season for Jonathan, the goal is to put together a winning package. We would like to thank Greg Rice, Alan Oppel, and Simon Sikes for the opportunity and help.

Pittsburgh: Our weakest weekend yet, missing two practice sessions on Friday was no help. Race 1 started in an intermediate-rain condition and followed by wheel-to-wheel contact, after getting the car restarted Jonathan was able to drive from 27th to 13th in the last half of the race, setting the 3rd fastest time has shown us that we have a decent wet-weather setup. In race 2, the winner swerved dangerously left and right to keep the lead, it was decided that the best move was to stay in 2nd, a high-risk out breaking maneuver was attempted in the last corner of the last lap, but we lost the drag race to the line. Race 3 was extremely shortened after a big crash, starting in 9th, Jonathan was able to move to the 5th spot in the few green flag laps that occurred.

James Lee claims that "we need to give our drivers a better car for some of these circuits, our setup struggles on tracks that involve any sort of elevation change, the cars are all tuned for Florida tracks which are all flat. Due to the condition's that we regularly race and test in, our current program is slightly lacking when we attend these F1600 races up north, making the car difficult to drive and almost impossible to win consistently in."

Jonathan Lee adds to the words of his father by saying that "I need to put a better effort into my driving, I can't expect to perform at my best if I'm staying up late at night doing homework. My fitness has dropped off dramatically in the last year, I am absolutely beat after every session in the car. When I drive at my best, I am an artist, I dance with the car, it is like when Beethoven touches the piano or Muhammed Ali boxes. It comes naturally to me, it's meant to be and a special moment is created between myself and the car. I can't remember the last time that I have driven like this, it has been so long and I miss it dearly. To me, becoming one with the car is the reason I race, it is highly infuriating that it hasn't happened in such a long time, I need to change my life and state of mind to once again be able to drive so beautifully, and I will because connecting with the car is one of the greatest pleasures that I have encountered during my 20 years alive."

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