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Why race F1600?

About Us

Lee Racing is a championship-winning race team and prep-shop. The team was founded in 1983 and resides in Miami, FL. 

Under the guidance of James Lee, the team has captured a plethora of race wins across the U.S and Canada. James started his career in racing as a successful driver and later expanded his skills in the racing industry, becoming both a Driver Coach and Engineer. He has driven and engineered everything from Formula Ford to IndyCar.


The team currently focuses on amateur racers but is returning its efforts to developing drivers that want to move up the racing ladder as a professional.


A desire to win paired with attention to detail has categorized our work as top-notch.

Our Mission

Lee Racing nurtures the growth of drivers by laying a solid foundation that they can build upon. Our drivers go through a structured program that gives them the tools necessary to make a career in

motorsports. Lee Racing works with all drivers

regardless of experience level or age, and creates an environment that allows you to reach your full potential. Our team concentrates on the areas that bring the best out of each driver and promotes an honest and close relationship between team members. We cherish the success that we share with our team, and hold a standard of excellence. Everyone that has a passion for motorsport is welcome to join our racing family and will be able to learn the principles of speed, car-control, racecraft, and car setup. 


Lee Racing
Miami, FL
Email: jvlee13@hotmail.com
Call or leave a message at 305-815-6439

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