After waiting months to get back on track, the Lee Racing squad happily rejoins the paddock for the rest of 2020. The team was originally supposed to contend for the Championship in the FRP F1600 Series, but our focus took a turn when Covid-19 struck.

Although it has been an unusual and difficult year, we are glad to see that life is returning back to normal. We recently had our first race in months at Palm Beach, and everything went smoothly for both the drivers and crew. Andre Rosario joins the family and will help disperse the workload within the team as a technician. Rosario is a mechanical engineer, and has aspirations to one day become a design specialist in F1 or MotoGP. He has decided to expand his knowledge of Motorsports, by working with Lee Racing. Andre has been incredibly helpful on race weekends and is a nice addition to our team.

Larry and Rick, have been driving exceptionally- well recently. The pair of old-timers are making the effort to focus on good habits, and this methodology has shown to pay off. Both drivers are making consistent and steady progress every race weekend, and is contradicting the stereotype of old and slow!

John Robinson and Jonathan had a fantastic three-car race, last weekend at Sebring. Despite a low car count, the race was full of action. Jonathan's attention is entirely on racecraft, a skill that if mastered, will put him in a position to begin chasing a serious career in Motorsports.

On the other hand, Robinson who is now approaching his 60's, regains self-confidence, after challenging the next generation of talent for the win. Robinson lost by .01 seconds on Saturday, to Team Pelfrey's Baylor Griffin, and finished 3rd on Sunday. Jonathan took the last step on the podium on Saturday and won the Sunday race. Griffin, a front runner in F1600 and SKUSA Shifter Karts, hopes to capture a gold plate at the runoffs this year, we wish him and Team Pelfrey the best of luck.

Newcomer Dan Thorogood, a long time fan of auto racing, has purchased a 01' Van Diemen and will make his debut in November. Dan will complete his racing license's requirement this October at Lucas Oil Racing School and is eager to begin his Formula Ford endeavors. We are looking forward to working with him, as it's always exciting to develop a rookie driver.

Patrick Kinsella is ready to once again speed away, in his Irish-built Mondiale. The car has undergone a long list of repairs, and will be back on track in the coming weeks. Long-time team member Jim Morgan will have his F1600 car refurbished before 2021, after not rebuilding his Honda motor in over nine years!

As another decade fades away, we are still here. Sticking to our core beliefs, we will continue our tradition of excellence. Lee Racing is a team based on the principals of integrity and hard work, we uphold a strong passion for innovation and winning. To us, motor-racing is much more than sport; it never leaves our mind, it is in our blood, it's our life. We are grateful for an amazing decade, racing has introduced us to the wonderful gifts of life and we are thankful to share that with a team that has become a family.

John Robinson F1600

Preparation started long before the fireworks, eggnog, and turkey. In October of 2019, the decision was made to return to the Formula Race Promotions paddock. John Robinson and Jonathan Lee will contest the 2020 F1600 Series championship, with 2 Lee Racing engineered Swift's. Considered to be the fastest straight-line Formula Ford ever produced, Lee Racing has invested a large amount of time into advancing the original design of the outdated Swift. It has proven to be very fast and has won races against some of the best drivers/teams in the country.

Larry Hendrickson & Rick Bernard F1600

Our gentlemen team consists of Jim Morgan, Rick Bernard, Patrick Kinsella, and Larry Hendrickson. These drivers have 20 to 40 years of racing experience under their belts and are racers for life. This year they will be fighting for the regional SARRC Championship in the southeastern part of the United States. With a healthy field, the races will be full of excitement. It's a pleasure to work with

these drivers and it is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world to see them win, have fun and get better.

So where did 2020 start for us? At the first national event of the year in homestead. Our intention for the weekend was to proceed with testing for the Pro F1600 Series. Going in with a humbled mindset we were able to exceed all expectations. Jonathan Lee and John Robinson qualified 1-2. Robinson was able to win the first race after a nail-biting 25 minutes. The cards came together in Race 2 and the Podium was filled with all Lee Racing Drivers!

The same mentality was brought to the following weekend at the Hoosier Super Tour. With ego put aside and discipline throughout the team, we used the weekend to test. Unfortunately while leading and quickly gaining momentum, Jonathan was forced to retire early after suffering from a damaged car. No worries, we are satisfied with the information gained from our experimentation and it was good to race against the same drivers who will be competing in the Pro F1600 Series.

Lee Racing is also excited to announce that Cole Morgan, John Benson, and Jason Generotti will return for a few select weekends throughout the year. Best wishes to all!

It's now October and the F1600 Southern Series has officially ended. Initially our main goal was to help revive the F1600 class and we would like to thank everyone who participated this year.

Jonathan Lee has been crowned champion after winning the most races.

Veteran Jim Morgan used his patience and experience to finish 2nd in the championship.

John Schimenti made an extraordinary comeback and clinched 3rd, beating Rick Bernard by one point!


Primus Racing Parts is providing the following people credit to use towards a purchase:

Jim Morgan $175

Jonathan Lee $125

Rick Bernard $125

John Robinson II $100

John Schimenti $75

Roel Blok $50

Hannu $50

Alan Oppel $25

Anna Schimenti $25

F1600 Southern Series is giving away new tires to the following people:

Roel Blok - 2 tires

Hannu - 1 tire

Alan Oppel - 1 tire

Lee Racing is awarding Anna Schimenti with 1 day of engineering/driver coaching consultation for her tremendous improvement this year.

It was a fun year, we are honored to bring close racing and good company together. We would like to keep supporting the F1600 class in the future and increase participation, next year we will release the schedule and whoever shows up will be rewarded mainly on attendance, meaning there will be no drops. We will also remove fees (the $25) and possibly the contingencies, we are trying to move our efforts to focus more on car count. If anything, the series will be more of a gathering.


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