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Miami, Fl -

After concluding two weekends on the F1600 circuit, there are many new thoughts and ideas that have been brought into the spotlight, particularly due to the way the season has unfolded.

Barber Motorsports Park: Despite never seeing the track before, a setup that changes every session, no data, no teammates, and a driver who triples as a mechanic and a full-time student, we did a decent job as a group. After putting the 30-year-old chassis on the pole in Qualifying, we went on to win race 1, finish second in race 2, and fight from 7th to 2nd to then spinning off in race 3. At the end of the weekend, we decided that it was best to start an alliance with Rice Race for the remainder of the season for Jonathan, the goal is to put together a winning package. We would like to thank Greg Rice, Alan Oppel, and Simon Sikes for the opportunity and help.

Pittsburgh: Our weakest weekend yet, missing two practice sessions on Friday was no help. Race 1 started in an intermediate-rain condition and followed by wheel-to-wheel contact, after getting the car restarted Jonathan was able to drive from 27th to 13th in the last half of the race, setting the 3rd fastest time has shown us that we have a decent wet-weather setup. In race 2, the winner swerved dangerously left and right to keep the lead, it was decided that the best move was to stay in 2nd, a high-risk out breaking maneuver was attempted in the last corner of the last lap, but we lost the drag race to the line. Race 3 was extremely shortened after a big crash, starting in 9th, Jonathan was able to move to the 5th spot in the few green flag laps that occurred.

James Lee claims that "we need to give our drivers a better car for some of these circuits, our setup struggles on tracks that involve any sort of elevation change, the cars are all tuned for Florida tracks which are all flat. Due to the condition's that we regularly race and test in, our current program is slightly lacking when we attend these F1600 races up north, making the car difficult to drive and almost impossible to win consistently in."

Jonathan Lee adds to the words of his father by saying that "I need to put a better effort into my driving, I can't expect to perform at my best if I'm staying up late at night doing homework. My fitness has dropped off dramatically in the last year, I am absolutely beat after every session in the car. When I drive at my best, I am an artist, I dance with the car, it is like when Beethoven touches the piano or Muhammed Ali boxes. It comes naturally to me, it's meant to be and a special moment is created between myself and the car. I can't remember the last time that I have driven like this, it has been so long and I miss it dearly. To me, becoming one with the car is the reason I race, it is highly infuriating that it hasn't happened in such a long time, I need to change my life and state of mind to once again be able to drive so beautifully, and I will because connecting with the car is one of the greatest pleasures that I have encountered during my 20 years alive."

Miami, FL –

Dan Thorogood, Jim Morgan, Larry Hendrickson, and Rick Bernard dice it up under the warm Florida sun, all driving their quick and nimble Formula Fords. Close affordable racing, set in a fun and low-pressure atmosphere is what regional racing is all about. The quartet and stable of the Lee Racing F1600 club drivers continue to get faster and enjoy racing in its purest form as the weekends go on. They will soon be joined by John Robinson and Patrick Kinsella, later in the year.

In the F1600 Championship Series, which is the biggest and most competitive development series in the U.S (outside of the Road to Indy), Jonathan Lee grabs the championship lead after the first weekend at Carolina Motorsports Park. The Lee Racing team was able to walk away with two- 2nd place finishes and many lessons learnt. According to his father, “this is Jonathan’s first time driving against a group filled with quality drivers/teams and he needs a better team effort to help boost his chances to win.”

At Mid-Ohio, both Mark Defer and Jonathan Lee ran under the Lee Racing banner. Defer who has been out of racing for almost 10 years, continued to make strides and ends his weekend in the middle of the pack. Team owner James Lee reports that “Mark had a wonderful weekend and if he is willing to put in the work and drive more often, we see no problem with him moving closer to the pointy end of the F2000 field. My son Jonathan proves to be one of the top drivers and had podium pace all weekend in a field that was 26 cars deep (1st -15th was separated by 1 sec). We feel that Jonathan will need to step up his game; his first goal is to win, and his second goal is to win consistently. It will be a difficult task though, this is F1600 racing and anything could happen. Not to mention that Jonathan is competing against some of the best go-kart drivers in North America who are all run by professional teams- like Exclusive Autosport, Team Pelfrey, Rice Race Prep, and K-hill Motorsports.” We will be back for the remaining of the F1600 Championship Series and hope to see a major growth in both our team and driver’s results.


After waiting months to get back on track, the Lee Racing squad happily rejoins the paddock for the rest of 2020. The team was originally supposed to contend for the Championship in the FRP F1600 Series, but our focus took a turn when Covid-19 struck.

Although it has been an unusual and difficult year, we are glad to see that life is returning back to normal. We recently had our first race in months at Palm Beach, and everything went smoothly for both the drivers and crew. Andre Rosario joins the family and will help disperse the workload within the team as a technician. Rosario is a mechanical engineer, and has aspirations to one day become a design specialist in F1 or MotoGP. He has decided to expand his knowledge of Motorsports, by working with Lee Racing. Andre has been incredibly helpful on race weekends and is a nice addition to our team.

Larry and Rick, have been driving exceptionally- well recently. The pair of old-timers are making the effort to focus on good habits, and this methodology has shown to pay off. Both drivers are making consistent and steady progress every race weekend, and is contradicting the stereotype of old and slow!

John Robinson and Jonathan had a fantastic three-car race, last weekend at Sebring. Despite a low car count, the race was full of action. Jonathan's attention is entirely on racecraft, a skill that if mastered, will put him in a position to begin chasing a serious career in Motorsports.

On the other hand, Robinson who is now approaching his 60's, regains self-confidence, after challenging the next generation of talent for the win. Robinson lost by .01 seconds on Saturday, to Team Pelfrey's Baylor Griffin, and finished 3rd on Sunday. Jonathan took the last step on the podium on Saturday and won the Sunday race. Griffin, a front runner in F1600 and SKUSA Shifter Karts, hopes to capture a gold plate at the runoffs this year, we wish him and Team Pelfrey the best of luck.

Newcomer Dan Thorogood, a long time fan of auto racing, has purchased a 01' Van Diemen and will make his debut in November. Dan will complete his racing license's requirement this October at Lucas Oil Racing School and is eager to begin his Formula Ford endeavors. We are looking forward to working with him, as it's always exciting to develop a rookie driver.

Patrick Kinsella is ready to once again speed away, in his Irish-built Mondiale. The car has undergone a long list of repairs, and will be back on track in the coming weeks. Long-time team member Jim Morgan will have his F1600 car refurbished before 2021, after not rebuilding his Honda motor in over nine years!

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