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Miami, Fl -

Barber Motorsports Park Weekend:

Despite never seeing the track before and running a driver who triples as a mechanic and a full-time student, we did a decent job as a group. After putting the 30-year-old chassis on the pole in Qualifying, we went on to win race 1, finish second in race 2, and fight from 7th to 2nd to then unfortunately going off in race 3.

James Lee claims that "we need to give our drivers a better car for some of these circuits, our setup struggles on tracks that involve any sort of elevation change, the cars are all tuned for Florida tracks which are all flat. Due to the condition's that we regularly race and test in, our current program is slightly lacking when we attend these F1600 races up north, making the car difficult to drive and almost impossible to win consistently in."

Jonathan Lee adds to the words of his father by saying "I haven't been able to put my best effort into my driving, I'm pretty deep into study for my mechanical engineering exams, and that's where most of my time goes during the week and on race weekends.

In the ideal world, I would like to dedicate 100% of my time to my racing career, but my mom is making me finish university first. I'm very glad to be able to race, I've worked so hard to get here and the journey is just beginning. I'm not sure what the future holds, but I'm fully committed to chasing my dreams of racing in INDYCAR, and I plan to ride it out until the end. Barber was a good weekend for us, being able to compete and win- with the equipment that we are using is the icing on the cake!"

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Miami, FL –

Dan Thorogood, Jim Morgan, Larry Hendrickson, and Rick Bernard dice it up under the warm Florida sun, all driving their quick and nimble Formula Fords. Close affordable racing, set in a fun and low-pressure atmosphere is what regional racing is all about. The quartet and stable of the Lee Racing F1600 club drivers continue to get faster and enjoy racing in its purest form as the weekends go on. They will soon be joined by John Robinson and Patrick Kinsella, later in the year.

In the ultra-competitive "F1600 Championship Series", Jonathan Lee grabs the championship lead after the first weekend at Carolina Motorsports Park. The Lee Racing team was able to walk away with two- 2nd place finishes and numerous valuable lessons. According to his father, “this is Jonathan’s first time driving against a group filled with quality drivers/teams and he needs a better team effort to help boost his chances to win.”

At Mid-Ohio, both Mark Defer and Jonathan Lee ran under the Lee Racing banner. Defer who has been out of racing for almost 10 years, continued to make strides and ends his weekend in the middle of the pack. Team owner James Lee reports that “Mark had a wonderful weekend and if he is willing to put in the work and drive more often, we see no problem with him moving closer to the pointy end of the F2000 field. My son Jonathan proves to be one of the top drivers and had podium pace all weekend in a field that was 26 cars deep (1st -15th was separated by 1 sec). I'm trying to give Jonathan my best effort and due to budget constraints - the program we run for him is a true father and son team; his first goal is to win, and his second goal is to win consistently. It will be a difficult task though, this is F1600 racing and anything could happen. Not to mention that Jonathan is competing against some of the best go-kart drivers in North America who are all run by professional teams- like Exclusive Autosport, Team Pelfrey, Rice Race Prep, and K-hill Motorsports.” If the we can come up with the budget, we will be back for the remaining of the F1600 Championship Series.


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