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Why hire Lee Racing?

Racing is a complicated sport and improvement can be difficult to accomplish. The key to progress begins with simplifying your racing career. It is essential to eliminate any variables that could be holding you back from mastering the art of racing, so why not hire a trusted professional?


A well-run operation materializes when the car is set up properly and the driver is comfortable. A test driver can be used to set a benchmark, fine-tune the vehicle, and help you become a faster driver. Every individual is different, and we enjoy working with drivers who want to unlock their full potential.

Lee Racing Services:

1. Full Race Service: Car Preparation/Driver Development
  • We offer a full arrive & drive program for racing drivers. Our program starts with meticulous preparation of the race car at our shop. Once at the track, each driver has a post-session debrief followed by data and video work, the team then supplies feedback for the driver, and the car is adjusted for the next session.

2. Fly-In: Engineer/Driver Coach/Test Driver

  • If don't run with us full-time, you can hire James for a weekend. This is a great decision for drivers who want to solve unanswered questions, go faster, and have a breakthrough weekend!

3. Winter Rebuild/Car Development 
  • Depending on our workload, you can have your car sent to us to be completely run through.​

4. Engine Rebuild

5. Gearbox Rebuild
6. Damper Work
7. Vehicle Alignment 
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